413 Series Auto Stop Drain Valve

wabtec westinghouse air brake Graham White 413 Series Auto Stop Drain Valve

The latest technology in keeping your main reservoir free of liquid water and oil is the patented model 413 Auto-Stop Drain Valve. The drain valve opens with just a pulse of air and only stays open until all the liquid has been expelled. The 413 Auto Stop Drain Valve has an independent manual drain and is designed such that the automatic drain cannot be turned off. No more flooded reservoirs and air dryers due to automatic drain valves being left in the closed position. The design results in far less air usage and far lower noise levels than a conventional main reservoir drain valve. The 413 Auto Stop Drain Valve is available with heater and thermostat for cold climates.
P 413 Technical Specifications:
Pilot Input: 1 second pneumatic actuation signal
Water flow Rate: 1 GPM at 130 psi
Air flow rate: 9 SCFM at 130 psi
Unit Size: 6.6” L x 3.4” W x 6” H
Unit Weight:4.6 lbs
Operating Temperature: -40°F to +180°F
Operating Air Pressure: 25-175 psi
Drain Connection: Patent Pending Flange with seal