500 Series Sander Control Valve

wabtec westinghouse air brake 500 Series Sander Control Valve

The 500 Series Sander Control Valve is the "Heart of the Diesel Electric Sanding System" for inboard and outboard sanding. The "3-in-1" System Charges (sand is delivered quickly to the point of contact between the wheel and rail), Sands (sand flow is metered at a constant level), and Cleans (a second blast of sand and air to prevent build up). It does this each time the valve is actuated manually or as programmed by the on-board adhesion system. GW sander control valves are designed with pipe brackets to permit easy maintenance as required. As a result, no air connections need to be disconnected saving out-of- service time for your equipment. NPT connections are standard, however BSPP connections are available upon request. Several control orifices are available to control sand output and meet your operating needs. Manual "Clean Out Jets" permit the integral orifices to be cleared of any build-up or contamination as required. Epoxy impregnated and encapsulated "Class F continuous duty" coils in a variety of DC and AC input voltages are standard equipment with Faston tab (quick disconnect) or terminal block connection with or without suppression devices.