571 Series Relay Valves

wabtec westinghouse air brake 571 Series Relay Valves

The 571 Series Relay Valve is a high-capacity, solenoid operated two way valve, with 1" NPT connections for applications when flows of 150-250 SCFM are required. Typical rail applications including horn actuation and automatic emer gency dumping. The 571 Series electro-pneumatic valve is actuated electrically from the cab console or some other automatic-programmable signal. The heavy-duty design with epoxy impregnated and encapsulated "Class F continuous duty" coils are commonly used in the locomotive industry with a variety of DC and AC input voltages. Faston Tab and/or a terminal block connection, with or without suppression devices, are available along with a choice of coil housing and/or exposed coil with yoke. Special electrical connectors can be specified. Straight pneumatic configurations are available as well.