580 Series Automatic Drain Valves

wabtec westinghouse air brake Graham White 580 Series Automatic Drain Valves

The 580 Series Automatic Drain Valve is a high-capacity, double-seated model that is designed to exhaust liquid contaminants from the air reservoir and/or 824 Series Centrifugal Air Filter with Coalescer through dual export ports. The valve is actuated pneumatically by either the compressor unloader solenoid valve or other pneumatic sources on a cycle or regular basis, i.e. 975 Air Dryer actuating source or a locomotive microprocessor with independent solenoid valve. Consult our sales service engineering team for more information on cycling your automatic drain valve. The valve is also designed with an integral drain/shut-off feature to manually exhaust contaminants as desired. Each 580 Series Automatic Drain Valve is supplied with a flange-type mounting bracket for ease of installation on AAR type reservoirs or flange sump caps commonly used with the 824-131 Centrifugal Air Filter with Coalescer. A thermostatically controlled heater assembly is available in an assortment of voltages for severe weather applications.