596 Series of Two Way Check (Shuttle) Valve

wabtec westinghouse air brake 596 Series of Two Way Check (Shuttle) Valve

The 596 Series of Two Way Check (Shuttle) Valve is manufactured with a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant iron housing. It is equipped with a total of three ports, two inlets and one outlet. This porting allows for quick change-over from desired inlet conditions to the outlet valve side. The check aspect assures that only the desired inlet signal is transmitted to the outlet port. The 596 has 3/8" NPT ports. It is enhanced with our in-line cartridge design that eliminates the need to break any pipe connections resulting in a significant reduction in costly out-of-service time during maintenance. The check valve cartridge is designed with or without a spring at customer request and a stainless steel shuttle that seals on an o-ring to eliminate compressed air leakage. Several configurations with orifices are available and marked for quick reference. In addition, the GW 5998-050 Series Orifice Adapter can be used with the 998 style check valve to control flow and eliminate the need for a second in-line check valve.