793 & 794 Series 4.5 inch Gauges

793 & 794 Series 4 1/2" Duplex Air Gauges are designed with high quality bronze bourdon tubes and precision phosphor bronze movements for optimum performance and reliability . Black or green dials with white numerals (0-160 and 0-200 PSI scale) are standard. Other scales, i.e. BAR, Kg/Cm2, Kilo Pascal scales are available upon request to measure a variety of air pressures, i.e. MR, BP , BC and MRE. Down or side connection mounting assembly with quick disconnect and an integral test feature makes it easy to install within your control stand and inspect in place without breaking any air connections using the GW 706-000 Gauge and Pressure Switch Tester. The case and lens cover is made of molded plastic with glass and/or Lexan. Gauge complexes with AFI or AFM Indicators are available upon request.