880 Series Automatic Electric Drain Valve

The 880 Series Automatic Electric Drain Valve is designed to exhaust liquid contaminants from the locomotive air reservoir(s) on a continuous cycle basis. An integral normally closed solenoid valve is energized by either a separate electric timer, i.e. GW 872-100 LSI model every 1 1/2 minutes or the locomotive microprocessor on a programmable basis. When the valve is energized, main reservoir air moves through the valve assembly and forces the double seated piston from a closed to open position. Contaminants are exhausted to atmosphere momentarily until the valve closes fully. When the solenoid valve is de-energized, actuating air is exhausted to atmosphere and the double seated piston moves back in the opposite direction with the assistance of an integral compression spring. Contaminants are exhausted momentarily to atmosphere on the return stroke. The valve is also designed with an integral drain/shut-off feature to manually exhaust contaminants as desired. Each 880 Series Automatic Electric Drain Valve is supplied with a flange-type mounting bracket for ease of installation on AAR type reservoirs. A heater assembly is available in several voltages for severe weather applications as well as an assortment of electrical suppression devices to prevent induced transient voltages from entering your system.