975 Series Twin Tower Air Dryer System

wabtec westinghouse air brake Air Dryers - 975 Series Twin Tower Air Dryer System

The 975 Series Twin Tower Air Dryer System is designed to deliver Dry, Oil Free and Clean air to the entire locomotive and train compressed air system. With almost three decades of service the 975 model has earned its reputation as the most widely used and dependable regenerative pressure swing dryer system in the North American railroad industry. The system is engineered as both a filtration and continuous drying package in one. A high ef ficiency coalescing filter removes liquids, sub-micron aerosols and solid contaminants. Simultaneously, two towers filled with a highly adsorbent desiccant reduce the relative humidity of the compressed air. With dry compressed air, the problems of corrosion and freezing of pneumatic components are eliminated. Removing compressor oil, that has become varnished due to the heat of compression and the shearing action of the compressor , keeps orifices from clogging, valves from sticking and metal surfaces from pitting. Solids like rust, scale, dirt and particles from compressor wear are also removed. When left unchecked, and placed in a high-speed air stream, these solids act like a sand blaster and erode components. The benefits of Dry, Oil Free and Clean compressed air are reduced locomotive and car down time with substantial cost savings.
Technical Specifications

  • Operation:  twin tower, pressure swing regeneration, 60 second cycle
  • Desiccant Material:  Molecular Sieve or optional activated alumina
  • Pressure:  0-150 psig (0 to 10 bar) operating
  • Temperature:  +32° F to +150° F (0° C to +65° C) w/out optional heaters -40° F to +150° F (-40° C to + 65° C) with optional heaters
  • Inlet Flow:  60 SCFM nominal
  • Pressure Drop:  5 psig (0.3 bar) at 60 SCFM (1700 l/min) across entire assembly
  • Coalescer Filtration Rating:  99.9% efficiency @ 0.3 micron aerosol
  • Current:  1.0 A max. @ 74 VDC 3.0 A max. @ 74 VDC w/ optional 35 W heaters 5.0 A max. @ 74 VDC w/optional 75 W heaters
  • Operating Voltage:  48 to 138 VDC
  • Electrical Connections:  Quick disconnect
  • Exposure: Resistant to direct water spray and damage from flying objects.
  • Size:  13 3/8" (339.7mm)(W) x 23 11/16" (601.7mm)(H-with bracket) and 15 1/4" (387.4mm) (L).
  • Weight:  114 lbs. (51.7 kg)
  • Option * Memory option suspends operation with unload signal from compressor to reduce total air usage.Operation is resumed at same point in drying cycle where it stopped for optimum performance from desiccant. * Three (3) 35 watt or 75 watt heaters with integral thermostats. * Mufflers * Mounting Bracket