Digital Air Gauges

wabtec westinghouse air brake Digital Air Gauges

The 737/758 digital pressure gauges and 747/768 digital AFM’s are the latest innovation in cab air gauge technology. As with the analogue pressure gauges, the digital pressure gauges come with dual displays. This dual function does the work of two single gauges, requires half the panel space, and costs less. The auto-dimming feature provides optimum viewing of the digital display under any ambient light condition. All digital gauges will interface with the standard gauge base which makes them to be interchangeable with current Wabtec analogue gauges. The standard gauge base also allows the gauges to be removed without disrupting the pipe connections. All digital gauges are able to be calibrated in the field and the digital design allows for longer intervals between calibration. The 758 digital pressure gauge and 768 digital AFM come with AAR compliant, 8-pole, A-coded, female M12 Ethernet connector. Digital gauges and AFM’s are available with either green or black faceplates.
Digital Pressure Gauge and AFM Operating Specifications

  • Temperature: 0 to 158° F
  • Pressure: 0-199 psi
  • Voltage: 20-138 VDC
  • Accuracy: ±3 psi
  • Voltage Transient Protection: Withstands ±600 C FWHM, 5 ms, 26 J transients
  • Current Draw @ 74 VDC: 20mA