AMIII Broad Gauge

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company AMIII Broad Gauge

The AMIII Broad Gauge bogie was designed to meet the demands of 25 tonne axle load requirements in Finland.
The design is based on a low profile axle motion bogie with some features that have been uniquely developed for operations in cold climates.
The design allows for passive steering of the wheelsets so that they are able to take up a radial alignment when the bogie travels through track curves. Rubber elements incorporated into the suspension arrangement permit the wheelsetsn to move in a controlled manner relative to the bogie frame whilst maintaining dynamic stability.
The bogie features a two-stage friction damped suspension system, vertical suspension is provided by helical steel coil springs, whilst lateral movements use a “swing link principle”.
The suspension movements are damped in both the vertical and lateral directions by a double chevron wedge system.
AMIII advantages:

  • 25tonnes axle loads
  • UIC518 compliance
  • Radial steering
  • Low temperature range
  • 1524mm track gauge width

Why choose Axiom Rail suspension systems?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • High axle loads
  • Low noise
  • High speeds
  • Freight friendliness
  • Track friendliness