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Wabtec westinghouse air brake Corporation Industrial Products Sensor


Electrical device for position detection

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Service and Maintenance

LH Group not only offers service and maintenance for all its own vehicle solutions, but can offer the same service including repair and refurbishment to any Road/Rail vehicle currently in the UK rail network.

westinghouse air brake technologies company SGM


The maintenance management system SGM can manage all system mistakes. It is a very useful tool for a preventive and corrective maintenance of complex systems like those used by railways companies. SGM is ready for use, already customized and optimized for Enterprise Asset Management. SGM is also suitable for those companies with Maintenance Outsourcing, providing the complete and detailed control of activities and costs.

westinghouse air brake technologies company Shaft & Wheels / Turbine Wheels

Shaft & Wheels / Turbine Wheels

Melett shaft & wheels are produced to a Melett drawing and on Melett’s own casting tools. Quality inspections and testing are carried out at several points throughout production, with all final inspections being undertaken at Melett UK.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake freight car Sheet Parts and products

Sheet Parts

WestRail stocks material and has manufacturing capabilities to produce most aluminum coal car sheet parts. Utilize our side sheet splices for, faster, easier, and a less expensive repair than replacing an entire side sheet. We can customize splice kits for your unique repair needs.
Available Sheets:

  • Floor Sheets
  • Hopper Sheets
  • Interior Bracing Brackets
  • Slide Sheet Splices
  • Slope Sheets
  • ...
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Wabtec Transit Car Products Shock Absorber for Couplers

Shock Absorber

Shock absorber for couplers

Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive Shoe Gear Products

Shoe Gear

Third rail shoe gear is used to supply power to railway vehicles. The shoe gear collects power from the third rail and supplies that power to the railway vehicle. TransTech supplies Buy America compliant shoe gear.

westinghouse air brake tech Corporation Transit Car Products Shoegear


Floor-mounted current collector for power transmission from track side conductive third rail to metro vehicle

Side Frame Column Wear Plate

Wabtec Freight Car Products Side Frame Keys Narrow Pedestals

Side Frame Keys (Narrow Pedestals)

Schaefer Equipment offers a variety of freight car brake parts and other truck car components, including custom forgings.
Side frame keys, made from forged steel for greater strength, prevent roller bearing wheel assemblies from becoming dislodged from side frame assemblies. Schaefer side frame keys confirm to AAR standard S-325.

Wabtec power generation products Side by Side Engine Mounted

Side-by-Side Engine Mounted

Side-by-side Engine Mounted, suitable for Jacket Water and Low Temperature Aftercooled coolant circuits or Jacket Water and Charge Air cooling circuits

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Products Sidekick


Safely Apply and Release Hand Brakes.  Sidekick is a tool specifically designed and engineered to enhance the safety performance of railroad employees.
Sidekick eliminates an employee's exposure to risk and injury associated with ascending and descending rail cars to apply and release hand brakes and retainer valves.
Sidekick permits an employee to open knuckles without entering the gauge of the rail.
Sidekick has a revolutionary,...

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wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Simple Cabins

Simple Cabins

  • Complete sanitary cabin
  • CU / stainless steel water tank
  • Stainless steel retention tank
  • Manual door handling

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Single Insulated Conductor Line

Single Insulated Conductor Line

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies Single Stage Boost Control Kit

Single Stage Boost Control Kit

Looking for an affordable, yet mechanical means of boost control on your turbocharged ride? Precision Turbo and Engine has your answer.
Our Single Stage Boost Control (SSBC) kit consists of three components that allow a single stage of boost control. This kit consists of an electric Delay Relay timer, one electric switching valve, one mechanical regulator valve, and an illustrated instruction sheet. When these three...

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Wabtec westinghouse air brakes locomotive products Sintered Blocks Brake Shoe

Sintered Blocks Type 229 Brake Shoe

High friction (K) sintered brake shoes for wheel brakes. Specially designed for trains with speed up to 200 km/h.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Sintered blocks type Brake Shoe

Sintered Blocks Type C952 and C952/1 Brake Shoe

Low friction (LL) sintered brake shoes for cast iron replacement whit good fiction stability, low heat sensitive and low wear

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Locomotive Products Sintered Brake Shoe

Sintered Blocks Type Mix 333 Brake Shoe

High friction (K) sinter brake material according to UIC541/1. Specially designed for trains with speed up to 200 km/h

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Sintered Brake Pad

Sintered Brake Pad

Sintered brake pads for various applications

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Sintered brake pads

Sintered Brake Pads

UIC interface sintered brake pads, conform to UIC541-3(2010) and TJ/CL307-2014 standard. Applied in Chinese CRH5 EMU