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wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies corporation Stub Tubs®

Stub Tubs®

Save time and money by only repairing the damaged portion of your FreightCar gondola tub. WestRail’s Stub Tubs are easier to work with and come in three different lengths to cover nearly all types of tub damage.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Wayside Detection -  Supersite Solutions Track IQ

Supersite Solutions

Supersites are a comprehensive multi-sensor monitoring system providing a suite of component condition information across a passing vehicle. For example, a supersite can comprise Track IQ products RailBAM® and WCM plus third party products monitoring, vehicle / bogie tracking, wheel profile and brake wear. The measurement data is integrated via the FleetONETM database software product to provide a total trackside intelligence system.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Suspension Systems

Suspension Systems

Axiom Rail is a supplier of innovative, adaptable rail freight bogies and suspension systems that are able to operate throughout the UK, Europe and Nordic regions.
Axiom Rail offers a complete range of products displaying unique qualities that make rail freight more efficient, economical, safe and enhances its environmental credentials. The Axiom Rail product range includes the LN25 bogie family and AMIII bogies, as well as the LN25SA single...

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Switch Accessories

Switch Clips & Switch Rods

  • Side Jaw Clip
  • Adjustable Side Jaw Clip
  • Transit Clips

Switch Points
Heel Blocks

  • Heel Block Assemblies
  • Floating Heel Block
  • Cast Iron Heel Block Assembly
  • Welded Heel Block Assembly

Switch Braces

  • Bethleham SureFit Boltless Adjustable Brace
  • AREMA Design 224 Type A Adjustable Brace
  • Design 8-11...
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wabtec westinghouse air brake Positive Train Control Switch Circuit Controllers Rods Lugs

Switch Circuit Controllers, Rods, and Lugs

G&B Specialties supplies both the 856 and 956 switch circuit controllers which are equivalent to the U-5 and the 7K/J respectively. G&B also supplies all the rodding, lugs, and sockets used to connect the circuit controller to the switch points

Wabtec Positive Train Control Products Switch Machine Components

Switch Machine Components

G&B Specialties supplies a various amount of internal switch machine components which includes the internal lock rods, internal point detector bars, main cranks, operating cranks, and throw bars.

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Switch Obstruction Gauge

Switch Obstruction Gauge

G & B Switch Obstruction Gauge allows for one person to operate the switch and make the necessary circuit controller adjustments without dislodging the gage. The obstruction surfaces are machined for accuracy and finished with a zinc dichromate finish for corrosion resistance. Metric sizes are available; please contact sales for more information

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Products Switch Point Rollers

Switch Point Rollers

Due to the development of longer high-speed switches and the continued use of heavy rail sections, G&B Specialties offers a variety of switch point rollers to significantly reduce the effort required in switch point movement. By lifting the point off the gage plates as the switch is thrown, these rollers reduce the friction between the switch point and gage plates, consequently, reducing the force needed to throw the switch. Both “top of tie” and...

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Switch Stand

A&K E-Z Thru

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Switch Stands

Switch Stands Model 51
Switch Stands Model 51-A
Switch Stands Model 22
Switch Stands Model 112E
Switch Stands Model 22-E
Switch Stands Model 22-EH
Switch Stand Components

  • Flat Top SSN 290
  • Forged Crank SSN 251
  • Adjustable Shim Set SSN 210
  • Cover SSN 200
  • Breakable Crank SSN 250
  • SSN 220
  • Ring SSN 994
  • Cross Pin SSN 994
  • Adjustment Bolt SSN 996
  • ...
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Wabtec wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Type Yoke

SY40AE Type Yoke

  • Short E Type
  • AAR Interchange Rule 19 Yoke
  • Weight 196 lbs.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Tank Modules

Tank Modules

  • PE water tank
  • PE retention tank
  • Stainless steel/alu frame
  • Integrated pipe system
  • Emptying valves

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Technology Platforms

The vehicle platform is the central communication node of railway vehicles. It coordinates and controls the application installed in the trains, like the CCTV system, the passenger information system, the vehicle GPS positioning or the automatic passenger counting system. The related data can be transferred to a land-based operating control centre (OCC). Future applications on the trains can easily be integrated into the existing platform. The data...

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wabtec westinghouse air brake TecSonics™ Bearing Monitoring Sytem

TecSonics™ Bearing Monitoring System

TecSonics™ Bearing Monitoring System
Six precision, ultrasonic sensors are mounted in both thrust and radical bearings at strategic points, becoming part of the bearing surface.
A signal from the instrument excites a piezoelectric crystal in each sensor which emits a high-frequency sound wave which echoes off the face of the sensor, re-exciting the crystal which sends a...

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wabtec westinghouse air brake Transit Car Products Temperature Controls Upgrades

Temperature Controls and Upgrades

Electronic control systems and HVAC contactor panels.

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Wabtec Corp wabtec westinghouse air brake Testing, Design and Manufacture

Testing, Design and Manufacture

Becorit can design, test and manufacture friction products to meet customer requirements. Becorit's state-of-the-art testing includes the following:

  • 3 UIC homologated full-scale dynamometers and 3 reduced scale dynos for brake pads and shoes testing and development
  • IR Thermography -Shuntage Dynamometer
  • Conicity
  • Field Testing
  • Winter tests (UIC homologated)
  • Smoke measurement...
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Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company TF25SA


The TF25SA is an innovative hydraulically damped single axle suspension for axle loads up to 25 tonnes and can operate at a maximum speed of 160 KPH.
Entering operations in 2000, its design is based upon the TF25. It can be fitted retrospectively under two axle wagons retaining the existing brake system.
The TF25SA has the following advantages:

  • Low track forces producing low bogie wear and reduced maintenance
  • ...
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Wabtec Annax TFT Displays

TFT Displays

TFT Displays are LCD displays, in which a matrix of thin-film-transistors is used to control and actuate the single pixels. TFT displays have been used for years and are able to display complex graphics and freely programmable text in high resolutions and with a colour palette of up to 16.8 million different colours. ANNAX employs TFT technology for side displays, ceiling displays, route map displays etc. in the standard formats and also in the new ultra-wide display...

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