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Wabtec Corp wabtec westinghouse air brake Testing, Design and Manufacture

Testing, Design and Manufacture

Becorit can design, test and manufacture friction products to meet customer requirements. Becorit's state-of-the-art testing includes the following:

  • 3 UIC homologated full-scale dynamometers and 3 reduced scale dynos for brake pads and shoes testing and development
  • IR Thermography -Shuntage Dynamometer
  • Conicity
  • Field Testing
  • Winter tests (UIC homologated)
  • Smoke measurement...
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Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company TF25SA


The TF25SA is an innovative hydraulically damped single axle suspension for axle loads up to 25 tonnes and can operate at a maximum speed of 160 KPH.
Entering operations in 2000, its design is based upon the TF25. It can be fitted retrospectively under two axle wagons retaining the existing brake system.
The TF25SA has the following advantages:

  • Low track forces producing low bogie wear and reduced maintenance
  • ...
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Wabtec Annax TFT Displays

TFT Displays

TFT Displays are LCD displays, in which a matrix of thin-film-transistors is used to control and actuate the single pixels. TFT displays have been used for years and are able to display complex graphics and freely programmable text in high resolutions and with a colour palette of up to 16.8 million different colours. ANNAX employs TFT technology for side displays, ceiling displays, route map displays etc. in the standard formats and also in the new ultra-wide display...

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Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Melett products

The Melett product range also includes

  • Seal Plates / Back Plates
  • Heat Shields
  • Turbocharger Gasket Kits
  • Oil Feed Pipes
  • Repair Kits
  • Fitting Kits
  • Small Parts (including piston rings, thrust flingers, oil feed pipes, thrust collars & thrust washers, O-rings and shaft nuts). All available individually or within our repair kits)

Wabtec Locomotive Products Thermostatic Controlled Intercooler

Thermostatically Controlled Intercooler (TCIS™)

3CD™ Compressor Upgrades

  • Designed for motor driven compressors that operate start/stop
  • Eliminates water condensate in oil by maintaining a stable intercooler temperature

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Third Rail Current Collectors

Third Rail Current Collectors

Third rail shoegears are used for the power supply of underground and urban railways. The raising to the respective conductor rail is carried out according to the customer specification via simple gravity systems to remotely controlled systems with impulse or continuous air. The maximum vehicle speed with third rail shoegears is approx. 120 km/h. Application and lowering takes place manually or remotely controlled, i.e. by means of...

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Wabtec Transit Car Products Third Rail Current Collectors

Third Rail Current Collectors

Faiveley Brecknell Willis specialise in both interface products of a conductor rail system and provide the perfect design for the correct collector/rail combination.  This is an important part in the achievement of good current collection. Our strong engineering design team use the following parameters to assure optimum performance in all applications

  • Minimum dynamic mass
  • Minimum friction
  • ...
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wabtec westinghouse air brake Thrower E30 Thrower


E30 Thrower
Full coupler components always in stock:

  • E30
  • E24B
  • E42
  • E42AE
  • E6A
  • F31A
  • F400AE
  • F41AE
  • F45AE

westinghouse air brake technologies company Thrust Bearings

Thrust Bearings

At Melett, we have a thorough understanding of thrust bearing manufacture, including the main methods of producing the initial thrust bearing blank and the appropriate method required for each application.

wabtec westinghouse air brake TiAL 50mm Q Blow Off Valve

TiAL 50mm Q Blow Off Valve

This unit features a 50.5mm valve with excellent flow capacity for either supercharged or turbocharged applications.
The body and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy. The V-Band design aluminum mounting clamp is anodized and uses stainless steel hardware for a long lasting, corrosion-free, clean and unique appearance.
The actuator has a high temp silicone Nomex-reinforced diaphragm for...

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Tie Plates

  • Double Shoulder Plates
  • Hook Twin Tie Plates
  • Turnout Pocket Plates

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  • New & Relay Ties
  • Switch Ties
  • Steel Ties
    • T-4
    • T-5
    • T-6
    • T-9
  • Landscape Ties
  • Tie Plugs

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Positive Train Control PTC Products TMDS®


TMDS® is a fully-integrated, bilingual train control solution for all methods of operation, including CTC, TWC, DTC, and PTC.
Standard train management functions including:

  • Track bulletin system
  • Train sheet system
  • Track & time / track tags
  • Auto routing / movement planning
  • SCADA control
  • Back office systems interface
  • Mobile device interfaces
  • Third party and custom interfaces
  • Track...
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Wabtec Freight Car Products TMX Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

TMX Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

7", 8" and 9 1/4" packing cup sizes

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car TMX® Truck Mounted Brake System

TMX® Truck Mounted Brake System

  • The TMX® truck mounted brake systems are made of durable, lightweight materials, including fabricated truss-type brake beams with replaceable brake heads for a system that weighs approximately 45% less than conventional brake rigging
  • Cost-effective substitute for body mounted brakes
  • Freely suspended systems, which require no special bolsters or connections of any kind to existing bolsters or the...
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wabtec westinghouse air brake TENM™ - Train Environmental Noise Monitor

TNM™ - Train Noise Monitor

The Train Noise Monitor uses a wayside mounted camera combined with a high precision microphone to record the sound levels associated with a train passby. High noise levels can be identified and a matched image can be used to identify offending vehicles. The system uses a non-contact distance sensor to identify the presence of a train. One system can even be used to monitor multiple tracks at a location. No part of the equipment is...

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4-Port Receiver with optional Brake Cylinder Read Device.

  • Wabtec offers 4-Port receivers and a variety of access plates for application with the various pipe bracket mounting arrangements
  • The Automated Single Car Test Device helps save time: - Over 90% of problems are diagnosed in the first 15 min of testing - Average test time is approximately 27 minutes; up to 50% time savings
  • Easier failure diagnosis
  • Reduces human errors which...
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Track Bars & Joints

  • Angle Bars
  • Joint Bars
  • Bridge Spacer Bars
  • Compromise Joint Bars
  • Insulated Joints
  • Factory Bonded Joints
  • Bridge Expansion Joints