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Wabtec Freight Car Products TransDyne Pedestal Roof Liners

TransDyne Pedestal Roof Liners

A-05048 Clip on 70/100 ton wear plate
A-05064 Clip on twin 70/100 ton wear plate
A-05092 Clip on 125 ton wear plate
A-05112 Dyna-clip 70/100 wear plate
A-05115 Dyna-clip 125 ton wear plate

  • Clip-on liners are the long time industry standard
  • New, Patented Dyna-clip offers improved service life and durability
  • Easily replaceable, durable, and eliminates the need for welding
  • ...
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Wabtec locomotive products Traxsyte Network Video Recorder

Traxsyte Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The TraxSyte® System integrates Bach-Simpson’s™ FRA and IEEE 1482.1 compliant Event Recorder with Bach-Simpson’s solid state Digital Video Recorder; TraxSyte. Bach-Simpson’s TraxSyte combines “driver view” video, exterior vehicle audio with synchronized Event Recorder data to aid accident investigations. This combination of data shows what was occurring before the incident took place, what actions the driver took, and...

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Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products Tread Brake Unit

Tread Brake Unit

TBU (Tread brake unit) is a pneumatic- mechanical unit for brake application on wheel. It can be permanently fixed on to bogie frame or freely mounted (floating attachment) with a possibility of double action upon wheel (type BCRT, BCRK). In dependence of needed output force Tread brake units can be adjusted. Unit is made without hand brake (HB).

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Transit Car Products Tread Brake Unit

Tread Brake Unit

A mechanism which pushes the brake shoe to tread of wheels driven by compressed air.  It is the actuator of the brake system.

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Trough Cover Gaskets

  • Box Car Door Gaskets
  • Trough Cover Gaskets

Wabtec Freight Car Products Truck Bolster Replacement Gibs

Truck Bolster Replacement Gibs

Truck bolster replacement gibs are forged from C-1030 steel and are heat treated to 350 B.H.N... They feature 3/8 inch by 45 degree weld chamfers, which provide for weld metal deposition and penetration during application and come in 3 3/4, 4 1/2 and 5 inch lengths. Schaefer's replacement gibs can be installed after burning off the worn truck bolster gibs.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Truck Bolster Replacement Rings

Truck Bolster Replacement Rings

Welded replacements for worn cast truck bolster rings extend the useful life of costly bolsters. These rings are manufactured from C-1030 special bar quality steel and come in 12, 14, 15 and 16 inch diameters. They are offered with flame-hardened inside diameter or can be machined for application of vertical wear liners. Weld configuration can be machined to suit customer requirements.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Truck Brake Levers

Truck Brake Levers

Schaefer's forged truck brake levers feature I-beam designs that eliminate needless metal while their entire length is proportioned to offer uniform resistance to stress. Manufactured from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel, these lightweight levers have pin holes sized to assure proper fit. Heat-treated for additional strength and pin hole hardness, they can be bent on both ends, if necessary, to meet specific requirements.

wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company air brake Truck Lever

Truck Lever

5x10 Freight and Tank Car Truck Lever. 7x14 Freight and Tank Car Truck Lever.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight ProductsTruck Lever Connections

Truck Lever Connections (Bottom Rods)

Hollow-forged truck lever connections, manufactured from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel, are designed for specific load requirements. Their design provides greater strength while eliminating all unnecessary weight, thus reducing wear on the connection and all connected components. Available in a wide range of sizes for through or under bolster applications.

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Truck Pantograph

Truck Pantograph

WAbtec westinghouse air brake Turbo Actuator Gearboxes

Turbo Actuator Gearboxes

Our actuator gearboxes have been developed using original quality components. These include: The original motor; Plastic worm gear - imported from Germany and manufactured to the same spec as in the original gear box; Melett lever arm pin.

Wabtec Power Generation Industrial Products Turbocharger


Turbonetics is a key supplier of turbochargers, regulators and related products to many of the world's leading industrial power-generation companies. Our products can be found in some of the most demanding environments around the globe providing reliable performance around the clock, year after year. Our patented ceramic ball-bearing turbocharger designs provide unrivaled durability in a wide variety of power generation applications. Turbonetics regulator products...

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Turnouts designed to railroad specifications

  • Panelized Turnouts
  • Plated Turnouts

Straight Split Switches

  • UNITRAC produces switches to all AREMA and major railroad plans

Split Switches with Risers

  • Split Switch with Uniform Risers
  • Split Switch with Gradual Risers

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Transit Car Products Type 330 Latch-Link

Type 330 Latch-Link

  • Mass transit LRV and metro applications
  • Top, side and bottom mount electric couplers

Wabtec westinghouse air brake  Transit Car Products Type 35 Latch-Link

Type 35 Latch-Link

  • Mass transit LRV and metro applications (well suited for electric vehicles)
  • Top and side mount electric couplers

(pictured is Type 35 Coupler with Side Mount Advance/Retract Electric Couplers)

Wabtec Freight Car Products Blocks brake control freight wagons

UB Blocks

Different types of UB blocks are compact units designed for brake control on freight wagons. All pneumatic control elements such as: distributor valve MH, working chamber, ON/OFF cock and one or two load relay valves AKR are mounted on a central brackets type SK 1 or SK 3. Fitting of other types or relay valves D10 or electric valves is possible by modifying the supporting brackets. Three basic types exist: UB AK 1 designed for freight wagons in "S" regime

Wabtec Freight Car Products UBX Truck Mounted Brake System

UBX® Truck Mounted Brake System

  • Reliable air spring actuator that is sealed to eliminate contamination
  • The UBX® truck mounted brake systems are made of durable, lightweight materials, including fabricated truss-type brake beams with replaceable brake heads for a system that weighs approximately 45% less than conventional brake rigging
  • Cost-effective substitute for body mounted brakes
  • Freely suspended systems, which require...
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Wabtec locomotive train products Ultrasonic Fuel Monitor

Ultrasonic Fuel Monitor

Eliminate the maintenance cost of your traditional bubbler system by switching to Wabtec Global Services ultrasonic fuel measurement solution!

  • Wabtec Global Services now offers a low cost turnkey solution to convert your bubbler fuel measuring system to an ultrasonic fuel measuring system
  • Through Wabtec Global Services' ultrasonic fuel measuring system which does not require air, you can eliminate airline and fuel...
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