Wabtec Rail Scotland’s facility at Kilmarnock was completely transformed in 1990, with the construction of a new modern well-equipped factory to meet the challenges of today’s railway.
The factory is ideally suited to handling multiple units and rakes of coaches. The core business is repairing, refreshing and overhauling rail vehicles, wheelsets and components.
Vehicle overhaul and refreshment – Principally passenger vehicles but also infrastructure, freight and locomotives.
Full Wheelset overhaul and repair facility – specializing in both light and heavy overhauls.
Component overhaul – Including bogies and other mechanical and electrical items.
Spares – Provision of new parts for 3rd party installation, including retro engineering of obsolete components.
All of the above is supported by the in-house manufacturing facility providing full machining, fabrication, woodworking and painting facilities, setting Wabtec Rail Scotland apart from other overhaulers, component installers and integrators.