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Wabtec Transit Bus Products Door Panels

Door Panels

Designed and manufactured to meet exact application specifications and to satisfy applicable FMVSS requirements. Three distinct styles to compliment full range of vehicle exteriors. Can be provided as basic panels, or as complete assemblies with window glazing installed, and all brackets and seals attached prior to shipment.

Driver Protection Door

Driver Protection Door

Vapor offers a heavy-duty protection door, which includes features that address operator comfort and safety. The purpose-designed door includes two integrated, high velocity electric fans for optimal air circulation in the cockpit area. An electric powered window allows for increased air flow and ventilation and permits direct operator-passenger interaction. A heavy-duty, dovetail latch mechanism maintains positive contact to eliminate rattle. A large, laminated safety glass is contoured to allow direct visibility to mirrors. The door is custom designed for specific vehicles to ensure exact fit.
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Driver's Door and Component Controller

Driver's Door and Component Controller

New switch technology combines door control and multiple switch controls in one convenient driver side location.  Programmable function push buttons.  Extremely rugged, ergonomic handle design.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Dual Flow Valve

Dual Flow Valve

Vista Corporation has rebuilt over 3500 GE style water control valves. These valves include the dual flow used on 1987 through 1993 Dash 8's and the V1 and V2 used on the GE Dash 9 and AC4400 locomotives. All valves received are completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected by our fully trained craftsmen. Valve bodies are re-plated back to original specifications. The actuator is overhauled; replacing all o-rings along with new bronze bushings and any other parts found to be defective during inspection. GE style water valves can be rebuilt to the GE specification, your specification, or Vista will be happy to suggest a rebuild guideline tailored to your specific needs to give you years of reliability.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products Electric Plug Door Actuator

Electric Plug Door Actuator

Designed for shuttles, limo-buses and midi-buses. Eliminates need for air compressor, air lines, valves and controls. For convenient, reliable operation of swing plug doors.

Wabtec transit bus products ETO Electric Transit Actuator

ETO Electric Transit Actuator

High performance, electric door actuator for heavy transit buses. Integrates innovative electrical and mechanical elements to precisely open and close passenger doors. Faster response to door commands. Powerful, intelligent contoller provides programmable data logging and superior diagnostic capabilities and maintenance alerts.

Wabtec Corp Transit Bus F10X Wheelchair Lift

F10X Wheelchair Lift

Low-profile motorcoach wheelchair lift provides maximum space efficiency in luggage bay area. Patented, interlocked occupant restraint belt system.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products F9T Wheelchair Lift

F9T Wheelchair Lift

The most popular wheelchair lift for motorcoaches. Rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction. Patented, interlocked occupant restraint belt system.

Wabtec Co Frost® Ground Contacts

Frost® Ground Contacts

frost® Заземляющие устройства
Механическая конструкция наших заземляющих устройств frost® соответствует действующим государственным и международным стандартам и директивам. Рабочие пары материалов постоянно оптимизируются.
Конструкция и рабочее направление угольной щётки различаются для осевой и радиальной активной системы контактов. Традиционные исполнения с круглыми щётками заменены многощёточным исполнением для стандартных применений. Причинами этого, помимо прочего, является повышение возможностей для передачи энергии и, в частности, более простое формирование контактов.

Мы непрерывно продолжаем разрабатывать успешное направление многощёточных контактов, и в процессе этой работы получили систему прижатия frost®.
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wabtec westinghouse air brake Gauge Complexes

Gauge Complexes

793 & 794 Series 4 1/2" Duplex Air Gauges are available on integral mounting brackets. The gauges are designed with high quality bronze bourdon tubes and precision phosphor bronze movements for optimum performance and reliability. Black or green dials with white numerals (0-160 and 0-200 PSI scale) are standard. Other scales, i.e. BAR, Kg/Cm2, Kilo Pascal scales are available upon request to measure a variety of air pressures, i.e. MR, BP , BC and MRE.

westinghouse air brake technologies company GE Power Assembly

GE Power Assembly

The Vista Corporation has remanufactured over 4000 GE Power Assemblies. All Power Assemblies are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt to manufacturer or customers specifications. All parts that are found to be defective are replaced with requailfied or new parts. We stand by our reputation for quality and service.

westinghouse air brake technologies company GE Water Pump

westinghouse air brake technologies company Governor


Vista offers repair and overhaul services for Woodward governors used on Diesel Engines. Where possible, we will provide exchange units to increase efficiency and decrease down time. We have an excellent reputation for quality and service with a strong employee commitment to maintain that reputation.

Wabtec product Mounted Pantographs - Overhaul, Repairs & Servicing

Pantograph Overhaul / Repairs / Servicing

Roof-Mounted Pantographs - Overhaul, Repairs & Servicing
Roof-Mounted pantographs for tram lines, metropolitan railways, metros, traction units (electrical multiple units - EMUs), trains and locomotives as well as potential special-purpose vehicles are developed for various overhead line systems and speeds, whereby a raising to and lowering from the overhead line is carried out by an electric or pneumatic drive depending on customer requirements.  The continuous contact force to the overhead line at higher speeds is either realised by mechanical deflectors or by a specifically developed electric-pneumatic control system. If requested, an emergency drop is offered, which lowers the pantograph as quickly as possible in the event of collisions with the overhead line.
Local traffic
Long-distance traffic
Special developments
Non Icing System
ADD System
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wabtec westinghouse air brake QBA Series Air Dryer - QBA15 QBA60


The QBA Series Air Dryer truly live up to the Quality Brake Air name. The QBA Air Dryers are equipped to fulfill the critical demands of the stop and go, high air usage, "Severe-Duty" vehicles. Unlike single tower devices, there are no restrictions as to how long a compressor can pump and no minimum compressor unload time is required. The QBA Series Air Dryers combine multiple high efficiency filtration components with twin tower drying technology in one easy-to-install, compact package. When properly applied, installed and with minimal maintenance, the QBA Series will literally transform your operation. Severe-Duty vehicles that have a history of winter brake air line freezing, heavy oil sludge, carbon, water and dirt can now enjoy the trouble free benefits of "Quality Brake Air".


Model QBA15 QBA60
Max inlet flow rate 600 Nl/min 21 SCFM 1100 Nl/min 38 SCFM
Air quality (1) at outlet 2/2/02 2/2/02
Max working pressure 10.3 bar 150 psi 10.3 bar 150 psi
Operating voltage 12/24 (9-36) VDC, 74 (18-138) VDC
Current draw, Heaters Off <1.0 A <1.0 A
Current draw, Heaters On <10.0 A, all voltages and wattages
Heater Power 75 W @ 12 VDC
85 W @ 24 VDC
Regenerating air flow <20% of inlet air flow
Pressure drop .28 bar 4.1 psi .35 bar 5.1 psi
Drying media Activated alumina
Package configuration Includes integrated filtration and control unit
Height 429 mm 16.84” 458 mm 18.02”
Width 317 mm 12.48” 347 mm 13.68”
Depth 222 mm 8.74” 297 mm 11.71”
Weight (with and w/o bracket) 19.5 kg/15.9 kg 43#/35# 23.1 kg/20.4 kg 51#/45#
Maintenance Annual filter element changes
Three (3) year desiccant change
Features Available with unloader valve
Available with or without heater/thermostat option
Three  levels of integrated filtration
(1) According to NF F 11-1000 at 35° C inlet and 30° C ambient 

wabtec westinghouse air brake QBA15-CA Air Dryer System

QBA15-CA Air Dryer System

The SludgeBraker QBA15-CA is the rail version of Graham-White's "Sever-Duty" Truck and Bus Air Dryer. Sludgebraker is equipped to fulfill the critical demands of inner city, stop and go, high air usage, “Severe-Duty” vehicles. The QBA15 combines multiple high efficiency filtration components with twin tower drying technology in one easy-to-install, compact package.

The QBA15-CA model is used in the rail market as both a point of use solution on locomotives for protection of RCL valve sets and on MOW equipment applications.

QBA15-CA is designed for flow rates between 10 and 20 scfm at a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi.

QBA15-CA Model does not include the PF15 Prefilter / Scrubber Assembly.


Model QBA15
Max inlet flow rate 600 Nl/min 21 SCFM
Air quality (1) at outlet 2/2/02
Max working pressure 10.3 bar 150 psi
Operating voltage 74 (18-138) VDC
Current draw <1.0 A
Regenerating air flow <20% of inlet air flow
Pressure drop .28 bar 4.1 psi
Drying media Activated alumina
Height 429 mm 16.84”
Width 317 mm 12.48”
Depth 222 mm 8.74”
Weight (with and w/o bracket) 19.5 kg/15.9 kg 43#/35#
Maintenance Annual filter element changes
Three (3) year desiccant change
(1) According to NF F 11-1000 at 35° C inlet and 30° C ambient 

wabtec westinghouse air brake SafeSet Lever Style Locomotive Parking Brake

SafeSet Lever Style Locomotive Parking Brake

Graham-White proudly introduces the SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brake. SafeSet is an automated electric motor driven system that also incorporates the standard manual interface found on lever style hand brakes. The primary operator interface is a control panel incorporating two push buttons: SET & RELEASE. In the event electrical power is unavailable, the operator simply uses the manual levers. In the manual mode of operation, SafeSet only requires 60% or less operator-input force than existing mechanical hand brakes.  Contact Graham-White to learn more about this exciting advancement in locomotive braking solutions.
Technical Specifications

  • Vertical Chain Force:  4,200 lbf nominal and 6,300 lbf nominal (force can be adjusted to meet customer requirements)
  • Chain Take-Up Range:  Unlimited
  • Operating Voltage Range:  48 to 85 VDC
  • Nominal Current:  20 Amps at 74 VDC
  • Max Inrush Current: 180 Amps for 75 ms
  • Duty Cycle:  11 to 15 seconds
  • Maximum Chain Speed:  2 inches / second
  • Temperature Range:  -40 deg. F. to 122 deg. F.
  • Transient Protection:  +/- 600 V FWHM 5 ms
  • Reverse Polarity Protection:  Yes
  • Weight:  210 lbs
  • Patent #:  6,427,811 B1

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Products Sidekick


Safely Apply and Release Hand Brakes.  Sidekick is a tool specifically designed and engineered to enhance the safety performance of railroad employees.
Sidekick eliminates an employee's exposure to risk and injury associated with ascending and descending rail cars to apply and release hand brakes and retainer valves.
Sidekick permits an employee to open knuckles without entering the gauge of the rail.
Sidekick has a revolutionary, patented locking mechanism that ensures positive positioning of the telescoping tool. The patented hook completes the multipurpose design of the tool. The elimination of safety hazards is tantamount in improving safety performance. Improved safety performance results in improved employee efficiency. Improved employee efficiency translates into savings for the railroad.
The Sidekick is an essential component of your employee’s safety equipment.

  • Adjustable to six extension lengths
  • Locking mechanism tested to 100,000 cycles without failure
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction provides lightweight design and superior strength
  • Precision manufactured and machined to exacting tolerances
  • Latch tested to withstand pulling force in excess of 7,000 pounds
  • Engraved with unique identifier to allow tracking of each Sidekick
  • Knurled handle for positive grip
  • One year limited warranty
  • Repair services available

The Omni Sidekick Brakestick comes in the four models : Mini, Medium, Standard, Long

wabtec westinghouse air brake Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves

The Wabtec solenoid valve is custom designed for the demanding locomotive environment. Designed to handle flow up to 23 SCFM which allows it to be connected directly to the cylinder or device and eliminate the need for an additional relay valve.
Features include:

  • Epoxy impregnated and encapsulated Class F continuous duty coils
  • Available in a wide range of AC or DC voltages
  • Available with your choice of optional back EMF protection devices
  • Available in both normally-open and normally-closed configurations
  • Wide choice of connection options
  • With coil case or open yoke
  • Manual over-ride with and without locking detent
  • Designed with pipe bracket for easy removal without breaking threaded joints
  • Brackets for single or duplex solenoid valves
  • Imperial or metric threads avaliable

wabtec corp westinghouse air brake tech railroad Stinger System

Stinger System

Stinger System
Stinger systems serve the power supply of parked vehicles in maintenance areas, e.g. for battery charging or other maintenance work, which must be conducted under vehicle voltage. Furthermore, with our Stinger systems, the vehicles can be moved within the depot or maintenance facilities by means of a control console.  The connection terminals of our 3rd Rail Current Collectors can be used as Stinger terminals by installing an arbor.  We manufacture and install complete systems according to customer requirements including conductor lines, plug and wire connections, control systems and arbors on railway vehicles.
Stinger system components:

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