Reconditioning Services - AB Related Equipment

Wabtec’s reputation for developing advanced braking equipment for freight cars is unsurpassed. No other supplier has more experience or has made more distinguished contributions in this sensitive and complex area. As a subsidiary of Wabtec, Wabtec Global Services extends this reputation to our freight equipment reconditioning and upgrade service.  Reconditioning services performed on the following products:

  • Angle Cocks, End Cocks, Dirt Collectors, Retaining Valves
  • Vent Valves (#8, VX, KM2)
  • Empty and Load Valves (P-1, S-1, SC-1U, ELX, L-1)
  • Brake Cylinders, Piston Assemblies & AB Reservoirs
  • A-1 Reduction Relay Valves, B-1 Quick Service Valves
  • Single Car Test Devices
  • Automated Single Car Test Devices