Refurbishment provides a cost effective opportunity to extend the viable operational life of rolling stock and enables new safety standards to be incorporated.
Axiom Rail employs an experienced multi-disciplined team to ensure the most effective practices and methods are utilised throughout the refurbishment process. This experience includes project management, design, procurement, production engineering, quality control and acceptance methods.
The refurbishment packages that can be offered:

  • General Overhaul
  • Modification
  • Crash damage repair
  • Corrosion repair and re-livery

Axiom Rail has a number of key depots based within the UK and access to a larger network of facilities, thus offering geographic advantage for refurbishment projects.
Through varying refurbishment needs and requirements Axiom Rail can tailor and provide solutions that facilitate operational requirements and improve performance targets.
Why choose Axiom Rail Refurbishment?

  • Proven History
  • Dependable Supplier
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Experience
  • Geographic Advantage
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