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Wabtec offers comprehensive training seminars and material geared toward educating rail personnel on the operation and maintenance of rail equipment
Annual training classes are held at our facility in the spring and fall. Separate courses cover Locomotive and Freight Car Air Brakes. The classes are 3 1/2 days long and provide more in-depth training for people wanting a better understanding and knowledge of train brake equipment.  Each class in Wilmerding starts at 8:30 am and runs until 3:45 pm Tuesday through Thursday.  Friday’s class will start at 8:30am but will end in the morning to allow for travel. Personal protective equipment needed for the class is safety approved footwear.
Freight Air Brake Training Class:  The freight car air brake training is designed around the Single Car Test Procedure per AAR S-486. We start at basic brakes defining the reason for brakes and testing. From there we cover history of air brakes and the various components that make up a typical freight car. This includes single capacity and empty/load equipment. Once the student understands the makeup of the brake system, we cover train brakes and terminal brake testing. Thursday is spent on Single Car Testing. We define the proper test procedure and the end of the day will be spent on the written exam. Friday is spent with the automated test devices and the test procedures. We will take time to try various applications and simulations with the 150 car air brake rack. Thursday we will take time for a tour of our facility. Note, we cannot provide the final item for air test certification per FRA 232 requirements in our facility in Wilmerding. We do not have a railcar for the student to do the practical test. For those that need to be certified alternate arrangements can be made for on-site training.
Locomotive Air Brake Training Class: This class is designed for a locomotive mechanic/machinist but it is adaptable to anyone working on locomotive brake equipment. We cover basic locomotive brakes, the history of air brakes and key in on the 26 type brake equipment. In this class you will learn how to read an air brake diagrams, what the various components do and how they work together. By understanding the components the student is better equipped to troubleshoot the 26L or 30ACDW brake equipment. Classes have gone through a transformation to include the operation of electronic brakes with freight pneumatic operation. With more electronic equipped locomotives, Friday mornings are devoted specifically to EPIC and Fastbrake equipment operation.
Locomotive EPIC/Fastbrake Class: These classes are set up ONLY in response to specific customer request. The class will be tailored to the customer needs in a generic class covering EPIC 3102 or II or Fastbrake or all types of Locomotive brake equipment. It is recommended the students attend the locomotive air brake class as a prerequisite. In this class we cover basics of locomotive brakes and how the electronic brakes have evolved. The various components that make up each of these systems and how to test, calibrate, maintain and troubleshoot of each of the systems.
All 2019 Training Class Dates:
Freight Training:  March 12 - 15, April 23 - 26
Locomotive Training:  April 9 - 12, May 7 - 10
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