Reconditioning Services - Electronics - Rockwell Products

Wabtec’s FCC licensed electronic technicians follow proper ESD precautions and practices that meet industry standard, ANSI/ESD S20.20 and continuously attend training with OEM’s and technical schools to stay on the forefront of today’s technology.

  • Wabtec Global Services offers the finest in component level electronic repair including repair, renewal and upgrade of Wabtec products as well as:
        – Wabtec acquisition product lines: Pulse Electronics, Rockwell Railway Electronics, TSM, & Q-Tron
        – Handheld wireless equipment
        – Consumer and industrial goods
        – Motorola, Harmon, and Kenwood radios
  • ICE Equipment - ICE 300’s AVU’s, CCC’s, TSI’s, etc.
  • Communication Equipment - CTC’s Vigilant, GTC
  • RDR 160 / RM 160 • RDR 900
  • Train Power Supplies, Smart Key, GPS Receiver