Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Maintenance Services

Services and Manteinance

  • SGM Maintenance Management System suited for economical, technical and performance management with high customer/supplier visibility
  • On board maintenance, assistance
  • Ordinary, extraordinary and programmed maintenance and protection of rail and light rail systems and buildings, thermal, air conditioning, electrical and alarm systems
  • After Sales Service and spare parts management with consignment stocks dedicated to the fire detection and extinguishing on the rolling stocks

wabtec westinghouse air brake Workhorse Rail ships from Stock

Ship from Stock

Workhorse Rail ships from stock which reduces wait time and minimizes customer inventories.

wabtec westinghouse air brake PTC Positive Train Control shoe gear overhaul

Shoe Gear Overhaul

TransTech provides overhauls for shoe gear

wabtec westinghouse air brake Vehicle support Shoegear Overhaul Servicing rail

Shoegear Overhaul / Servicing

Faiveley Brecknell Willis offer full overhaul and servicing of third rail current collectors.  Damaged and operationally expired third rail current collectors are repaired / rebuilt to as-new condition and provided with a full service warranty.

Signalling Design

Signalling Design

Signalling design for relay, processors based and mechanical signalling layouts, mechanical and pneumatic systems.
We have significant expertise, experience and scale to provide an end-to-end design solution for our clients rail signalling needs.

  • Technical and Project Specifications / Bid Support
  • Scheme Development (UK GRIP 3-4)
  • Detailed Design (UK GRIP 5)

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning

We offer installation, testing and commissioning services for projects ranging from small replacements to major signalling schemes.

  • Installation/Testing Management 
  • Installation/Testing Resources 
  • Correlation 
  • Site Survey

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The SludgeBraker® model QBA15 is equipped to fulfill the critical demands of inner city, stop and go, high air usage, “Severe-Duty” vehicles. Unlike single tower devices, there are no restrictions as to how long a compressor can pump and no minimum compressor unload time is required. The QBA15 combines multiple high efficiency filtration components with twin tower drying technology in one easy-to-install, compact package. When properly applied, installed and with minimal maintenance, the SludgeBraker will literally transform your truck or bus operation. Severe-Duty vehicles that have a history of winter brake air line freezing, heavy oil sludge, carbon, water and dirt can now enjoy the trouble free benefits of "Quality Brake Air".
To learn more, visit

wabtec westinghouse air brake Unifin Spare Part

Spare Parts

Unifin Spare Parts - For all of Unifin's heat transfer products
Here is the answer to keep things cool. Unifin maintains a large and ready inventory of spare parts for the full line of Unifin products:

  • Gaskets
  • Fans
  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Valves

Unifin also supplies a wide range of customized replacement parts and sub-assemblies for generator coolers.
Whatever replacement solutions you require, simply contact us for assistance with part identification and availability.
 For more information, email or call 226-213-7255
Spare Parts Hotline: 1-519-451-0230 

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Spare Parts and Aftersales

On time supply of original spare parts and qualified after sales service keep the trains on the trackModern and effective railway operators expect and require efficiency and reliability of the sanitary systems. No train shall be out of service unnecessarily, but must remain on the tracks, practically 365 days a year. Semvac understands this to perfection.  All operators all over the world expect a fast and efficient service in the event of an unexpected incident.
Semvac offers:

  • Continued supply of OEM spare parts throughout the lifetime of the product.
  • Fast and effective assistance and response via our network of global partners.
  • Continuous specialised training and ongoing product updates of all of our partners, including train manufacturers, operators and service centres.
  • Preventive and systematic maintenance of all products.
  • Support and service “24/7” – no problem is too small or large – we help to get trains back on the tracks.

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive Service Storage Track Capacity

Storage Track Capacity

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

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Supplier Managed Inventory

Wabtec Global Services (WGS) is a major international supplier of new and reconditioned aftermarket components for passenger and freight rail equipment. With nine service centers located throughout North and South America, WGS provides geographically strategic locomotive maintenance services, component reconditioning service and parts distribution, including fleet management, technology upgrade programs and inventory management services at customer locations. Wabtec’s 120 year history in the railway industry provides the foundation for WGS aftermarket product lines. In addition, the WGS network includes locomotive maintenance facilities responsible for both freight and passenger fleet maintenance services.

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System Engineering & Integration

Xorail is a leading railroad System Integrator and System Engineering organization based out of the USA with globalcapability. We offer End-To-End Engineering Services in:

  • Data Engineering
  • Construction Services
  • Integration Services
  • PTC Engineering
  • Signal Design
  • Crossing Design
  • Communications Design

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  • Wayside Assets and Configuration management
  • Built in FRA test
  • In – process designs
  • Plan Management
  • PTC Data Management

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TBU Overhaul Service

With the aid of Wabtec, we offers the overhaul service for TBU of metro.

wabtec westinghouse air brake train pressure hydro Testing oil coolers


All coolers manufactured or repaired by Unifin are subject to pressure (hydro) testing:

  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Test Pressure at (1.33 – 1.50) X Design Pressure
  • “Pass” = No Leaks / No Distortions
  • Pneumatic Air (vs Water) Test for Oil Coolers

Eddy Current testing is also available for tube erosion assessment.

Wabtec Locomotive Testing, Design and Manufacture

Testing, Design and Manufacture

Becorit can design, test and manufacture friction products to meet customer requirements. Becorit's state-of-the-art testing includes the following:

  • 3 UIC homologated full-scale dynamometers and 3 reduced scale dynos for brake pads and shoes testing and development
  • IR Thermography
  • Shuntage Dynamometer
  • Conicity
  • Field Testing
  • Winter tests (UIC homologated)
  • Smoke measurement and analysis for dynamometer test

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Track Data Management

In order for the I-ETMS System to traverse a route it needs to be aware of all the potential stop targets and operation rules on that route. A track database in the form of a SubDiv file provides the I-ETMS system with all the geographic geometry and attribution needed to identify stop targets and attributes. The track database also provides operating rules and speeds as additional information for the I-ETMS to determine the correct behaviors required for that route and track. Wabtec provides tools and services to create the track database and SubDiv file for the I-ETMS system. The intent of this document is to define the services we provide within the PTC space.

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Track Services

  • Jobsite Delivery & Coordination
  • Warehouse & Materials Coordination
  • Consignment Inventories
  • External Testing

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Tracker - Project Management System

  • Keeping Track Of Your Projects
  • Managing Your Expenses
  • Easy Time Keeping and Utilization Measures
  • Business intelligence Reporting

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Trackwork Design Services

  • Estimating & Inspection
  • Specialty Trackwork & Turnout Design
  • Contingency & Safety Stock Planning

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Trackwork Manufacturing Services

  • Pre-plated Turnouts
  • Panelized Turnouts
  • Track Panels
  • Switches

wabtec westinghouse air brake  locomotive Training Education classes


Hunslets on-site training programmes help you and your staff, learn more about their job role. Technical update and refresher courses ensure that staff is kept abreast of the latest techniques and advancements in locomotive operation and maintenance. Courses are tailored to suit your individual requirements and carried out either on your site, or at our specialist training facility in Leeds.

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive maintenance support Truck Overhaul

Truck Overhaul

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

Wabtec locomotive maintenance mobile support Truck Repair

Truck Repair

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

Wabtec Turbocharger Screens Assembly Repair Reconditioning

Turbocharger Screens Assembly Repair & Reconditioning

Turbocharger Screens Assembly Repair & Reconditioning

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Quality

Turnkey Signaling, Electrical and Communications Engineering Solutions

Wabtec Control Systems is a leading provider of railway signalling and industrial electrical and communications solutions.
Wabtec Control Systems is committed to working together with our customers in a seamless manner to produce the highest quality results and to anticipate project demands, ensuring we have the right resources at the right time.  The cross utilisation of our workforce strengthens our capability to deliver your mission critical projects.
We possess the flexibility to integrate with client processes, efficiently manage subcontractors and implement client programs as required.
Wabtec Control Systems multidisciplinary skills provide enhanced performance throughout the project lifecycle through improved management, procurement, design, installation, commissioning and through-life product support.
An experienced team of engineers, project managers, technicians, commercial administrators and planners support the successful implementation of projects and maintenance contracts.
Wabtec Control Systems has developed an excellent reputation for delivering high quality project outcomes, even in the most challenging environments.  From large scale design and construct infrastructure projects, through to ongoing preventative maintenance programs Wabtec Control Systems has the capability to provide customers with a turnkey solution for their electrical and communications needs.
Wabtec Control Systems core capability is the provision of turnkey signalling, electrical and communications engineering solutions, including the design, installation, service and maintenance of:

  • rail signalling and communications systems for freight, passenger and heavy haul infrastructure – Wabtec Control Systems are one of the few full services companies (plan, design, construct, commission, maintain and enhance) with these full capabilities in-house
  • electrical cabling and instrumentation for power generation plants
  • electrical reticulation systems, instrumentation and automation, high voltage transformers and distribution systems for industrial applications
  • large-scale, backup power systems and generators for ‘mission critical’ infrastructure
  • high voltage cabling and process control systems for industrial plants
  • voice and data infrastructure
  • general industrial electrical systems

Wabtec Control Systems has mature and quality accredited systems to ensure confidence in our project delivery and safe working practices.
We are independently certifies to the following standards –

  • QMS AS/NZS ISO 9001:2001
  • OH&S AS/NZS 4801:2001
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • EMS ISO 14001:2004

wabtec westinghouse air brake Upgrades image 1


Vintage Spiral Fin cooler designs often contain lead-based solder, which could lead to lead carbonate contamination throughout the entire generator system, while Plate Fin designs do not. Unifin offers Spiral Fin to Plate Fin redesign replacement solutions to eliminate this potential issue while resetting your cooler life cycle. Our other upgrades also include material substitutions for improved performance.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Vehicle Services passenger rolling stock

Vehicle Services

Overhaul - Our fully-trained maintenance staff have experience of all types of overhaul. 
We regularly undertake C4 and C6 heavy maintenance to coaches, diesel multiple and electric multiple units in addition to overhauling bogies, wheel sets and brakes. Our facilities include three vehicle overhaul shops with pitted roads and comprehensive lifting facilities capable of handling all rolling stock. Whatever the project, we work to the very highest standards whilst minimising vehicle downtimes.
Interior refurbishment - The appearance, comfort and on-board facilities on a passenger vehicle are essential in winning and keeping passengers. Today vehicles need to look good and reflect care and commitment on the part of operators.
Our refurbishment teams are involved with the complete spread of interior enhancement activities including undertaking full interior refurbishment and refinishing, fitting new floor coverings, the installation of passenger information and CCTV systems, the introduction of new seating and the installation of new lighting. 
Combining practicality with aesthetics, we make sure that rolling stock looks its best and performs to the highest standards.
PRM-TSI - We have the capability and experience to undertake modifications to passenger vehicles to enable them to achieve PRM-TSI compliance.  This includes the installation of universal access toilets, door sounders, door step lighting, door control pushbuttons and the creation of suitably equipped wheelchair areas.
Re-painting and re-livery - Our ultra-modern facilities are capable of applying all types of paint systems and can accommodate vehicles up to 23m long.
Accident repairs - Following approved procedures we repair all types of damage to rolling stock caused by crashes or accidents. We have full electrical test facilities and the skills and expertise to work on both aluminium and steel-bodies vehicles.
Air conditioning - Through a specialist unit we have total in-house air conditioning expertise across all types of system. This covers repairs, refurbishment and fitting of new systems. For more detailed information please see our separate air conditioning leaflet.
Door systems - Our in-house team of specialist technicians undertakes the repair, overhaul and fitting as new of all types of passenger door systems. For more detailed information please see our separate door system leaflet. 
LOCOMOTIVES - We have a vast range of locomotive expertise and technological resources built up over many years. This gives us the capability to repair, refurbish and overhaul everything from shunting locomotives to mainline locomotives.
OFF-SITE MAINTENANCE - Our approach to our services is extremely flexible and at all times focuses on providing our customers with arrangements that best suit their particular circumstances.
For customers wanting work carrying out at their own sites we offer a complete Wabtec off-site service that undertakes repair, refurbishment and installation work anywhere in the country.

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WAB - HELP - Engineering Helpdesk

  • Issue management
  • Predictive analysis

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  • Track Processor - Converts PTC DB into subdiv files
  • Track Editor
  • Track Chart
  • Track Difference
  • Route Validation too